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At Pogo, we believe that an effective business card is crucial to make a positive and long-lasting first impression. How do you create an effective business card design, you may ask? Well, our team are business card printing specialists and, with over 25 years of experience, have had the chance to view thousands of designs with varied layouts and content. For us, an effective business card should be informative, aesthetically pleasing and memorable, here are some ideas of what to include to ensure that your business card does its job!

What to include in your business card layout?

Name and contact details

Let’s start with the basics, the whole point of a business card is to share your contact details in a professional way and make a great first impression. Ensure you choose a font and set of colours that make them clearly visible and readable. We suggest no less than 9pt for the font size; while for the colours, be mindful that the information has to stand out to be legible – complementary colours are a great way to ensure contrast between text and background (check out Adobe Colour Wheel to find complementary colours). Remember, your business cards will set the scene for further interaction, making it easy for recipients to get hold of you.

Job title

Your business card should also include your position/job title, so recipients can identify where you sit within the business, what your responsibilities are and how you can help them. For this, ensure you use a descriptive caption that gives a good idea of your role. For example, instead of Transparency Enhancement Facilitator, write Window Cleaner, and if you are a painter and decorator, avoid Colour Distribution Technician. There is no point trying to be fancy, if customers have no clue what you do, they will not request your services.

Social media details

Do you have a strong social media presence? Perhaps you use those channels as a virtual portfolio, or a shop window? If so, adding social icons with your handle name can be a good idea. Besides offering an alternative way for people to get in touch, it can drive more traffic to the channels you operate on.

Brand identity

This one is major! It’s true that you need to represent your brand consistently across all marketing materials, including your creative business cards – don’t forget they are also a part of your promotional mix. Give customers an idea of how you represent your business - is it modern? Fun? Rustic? Use your logo and brand colours to show professionalism and class to achieve the best impression possible.

An engaging call to action

The entire purpose of a business card is to generate connection and future contact between yourself and your audience. So, why not add a creative call to action? Be clear on what you would like them to do, but in a nice way… anything from ‘contact me for a free quote’ to ‘like my Facebook page’ can motivate your prospects to reach out and reinforce the bond.

Printing quality

Design can’t win alone, even the best layout with poor printing will affect the way prospects perceive your business. After taking so much care creating your business card design, don’t take any risks on the quality of the paper and printing, team up with a printing company that offers premium materials with the utmost care.

Now that you've got a better idea of the core elements for a powerful business card, put our tips into practice and create your business card using our easy-to-use online editor.

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