COVID-19 Support Products

Hand Sanitation Units
Integral and seamless
Feature inside or outside your premises
Product includes Sanitation Station Bin in pop out section to the back

Foot print is 600mm Wide X 300mm Deep X 1800mm High. Supports 6kg weight.

See video below.

€90.00 excl VAT

A nice colourful and friendly product to teach and encourage children to always sanitise their hands.

Dimensions: 1027 x 442 mm. Made from Foamex.

Please see further description below and our video consulting with the experts!

€50.00 excl VAT

Fun and engaging social distancing signage for kids.

3 design options available, Mermaids, Monsters and Penguins.

Sold in packs. Each pack contains:

1m x 300mm Floor Vinyl x 4

A3 Floor Vinyl x 4

290mm Circular Floor Vinyl x 4

A3 Please Wash Your Hands Poster, gloss laminated x 4

Select the number of packs you want.

From €59.00 excl VAT

Looking for a comfortable place to Work, Study or even Doodle?

Key Features and Video Below.

Order Options:
1) Plane Desk. 2) Desk with Graphic. 3) Desk with uploaded Graphic.
Use the arrows (< and >) on the desk image to switch and see the options available.

Prices start from €120.00
Add printed design Vinyl +€30 (€150.00 total)

Browse our designs to print on desktop here.

Upload your own design to print your unique Vinyl +€40 (€160.00 total)
Personalised artwork needs to be 1070mm x 540mm and a minimum resolution of 300dpi.

From €120.00 excl VAT

Eco-friendly Timber Laptop Stand

This quick assembly (it comes in 3 slot together pieces) laptop stand is ideal and sturdy to help turn any surface into an ergonomically suitable work environment.

Dimensions: 360mm wide x 370mm depth x 162mm height
Check images for more details.

ONLY €25 EACH - including VAT and delivery!

€20.33 excl VAT

Non-Slip Floor Vinyl Material for Covid-19 Messaging

Size: A3 (420 x 297mm)

€3.76 excl VAT
From €145.00 excl VAT

Comfortable, non-allergenic and pleasant on the skin.

Adjustable pop out sections to the right and left allow for comfortable customised fit while wearing.

€199.00 excl VAT
From €199.00 excl VAT

3 layer disposable mask.

Easy to use – Elastics to attach to the ears and adjustable to the nose with clip.

Comfort – Breathable and non-irritating material.

Filtering Capacity: BFE ≥ 95%
Compliance with International Standards: EN14683:2019 / EN14683:2005 / ASTM F2100(USA)

Only €0.70 per mask.

Sold in boxes of 50.

From €35.00 excl VAT

Manufactured from genuine natural rubber, these gloves combine the highest degree of dexterity available with superior strength and comfort.

Only €0.25 per pair of gloves.

Sold in boxes of 50 pairs.

From €12.50 excl VAT

Powder-free, disposable nitrile gloves.

Nitrile gloves are a type of disposable glove made of synthetic rubber that offer excellent resistance to wear and tear.

Nitrile Powderfree Gloves are latex free so are ideal for those with sensitive skin or who are allergic to latex.

Size medium in stock - no other sizes currently available.

Only €0.90 per pair of gloves - sold in boxes of 100 pairs.

From €90.00 excl VAT

Use the arrows (< and >) on the poster image to switch and see the options available.

There are 3 types of information posters to choose from.

Select the option you want under the price to add it to your basket.

Size: A0 (841 x 1189mm)

€8.60 excl VAT
From €116.00 excl VAT

Covid 19 Face Protectors. Recyclable materials used, creates a see-through barrier between you and others.

Our Face Protectors help you and your employees/colleagues during this current pandemic. Flat packed and simple to assemble, with a padding to the front to ensure comfort. Adjustable clip to the back for adjustable sizing.

€1.99 excl VAT
From €110.00 excl VAT

Available in 50ml and 100ml bottles

70% Ethanol
WHO Approved
Made in Ireland

€1.99 excl VAT

Each order comes with 30 self-adhesive pliable plastic pocket holders which will adhere well to your outer clothing/PPE.

Free Delivery to Ireland and UK. Same day postage for all orders before 2 pm.

IDs are printed on 250gsm art and gloss laminated on both sides.

Selecting a quantity of 2 will deliver 2 printed IDs with 30 holders.
Selecting a quantity of 5 will deliver 5 printed IDs with 30 holders.
Selecting a quantity of 10 will deliver 10 printed IDs with 30 holders.
Selecting a quantity of 15 will deliver 15 printed IDs with 30 holders.

€12.00 excl VAT
From €12.00 excl VAT

Select the number of packs you want.
Each pack contains 30 self-adhesive pliable plastic pocket holders holders which will adhere well to your outer clothing/PPE.

Free 48 hour Delivery in all of Ireland, Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK

Protective holders for holding A5 sized ID badges which frontline healthcare workers can wear to help identify themselves more personally to their patients and their colleagues during these difficult times while wearing PPE.
These fit A5 size inserts and are included when ordered with our quality IDs for patient recognition, available here.
From €9.00 excl VAT

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