Picture of Quality IDs for Patient Recognition

Quality IDs for Patient Recognition

ID Holder
12.00 excl VAT

Each order comes with 30 self-adhesive pliable plastic pocket holders which will adhere well to your outer clothing/PPE.

Free 48 hour Delivery in all of Ireland, Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK

IDs are printed on 250gsm art and gloss laminated on both sides.

Selecting a quantity of 2 will deliver 2 printed IDs with 30 holders.
Selecting a quantity of 5 will deliver 5 printed IDs with 30 holders.
Selecting a quantity of 10 will deliver 10 printed IDs with 30 holders.
Selecting a quantity of 15 will deliver 15 printed IDs with 30 holders.

Product description

Quality IDs for patient recognition

Clear and simple A5 photo ID badges which frontline healthcare workers can wear to help identify themselves more personally to their patients and their colleagues during these difficult times while wearing PPE.

The aim of these photo ID badges is to allow healthcare workers to clearly identify each other in a personal way to their colleagues and patients, while they are fully protected in PPE wear.

The world at the moment is constantly changing and the current circumstances health workers face daily carry huge difficulties.

These simple photo ID identity badges aim to help, support and ease pressure for those on the frontline and present a more comforting and personal image to patients and colleagues.

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