Timber Laptop Stand (OUT OF STOCK!)

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Eco-friendly Timber Laptop Stand

This quick assembly (it comes in 3 slot together pieces) laptop stand is ideal and sturdy to help turn any surface into an ergonomically suitable work environment.

Dimensions: 360mm wide x 370mm depth x 162mm height
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Product description

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Timber Laptop Stand

Key Features:

No Screws or glue needed. 3 pieces interlock with seconds.

This laptop stand is crafted from superior quality wood material. Finished in ultra-beautiful texture.

Free up desk space in your office or at home. Removing books you stacked to position your laptop correctly in the past!

This laptop stand brings stable positioning which can well work for game playing, personal study, office needs.

Easy to mount your laptop on and remove it, lightweight and foldable, easy to carry with you and allows for improved laptop ventilation too.