Contactless Sanitation Station

149.00 excl VAT

These units, as the name implies, are completely contactless.

Your user can avail of an ‘Automatic Hand Sanitiser Dispenser’ and a ‘Thermal Heat Scanner’.

Our unit offers great protection and prevents you coming into close contact with Covid-19 or any harmful viruses or bacteria.

This unit includes a bin to hold any unwanted waste or face masks. Your ‘Contactless Station’ comes come flat packed including all elements required to use such a batteries and hand dispenser solution.

Ensure your employees and clients stay safe during these unprecedented times.

Thermometer works off the centre of the forehead at a distance of 10cm or less.

*Please Note This Contactless Station is Patent Pending* .

Please also note this item is almost sold out! Grab our Contactless Sanitation Station before it is out of stock!.

Product description


Contactless Sanitation Station Unit Includes:

- 1 x Instruction sheet.

- 1x Thermal Heat Scanner.

- 1x Bottle of Hand Solution.

-1 x Automatic Hand Dispenser.

- Batteries for your above units.

- 1 x Bin for the rear of Unit.

Unit Size

Width / Depth 300mm, Heigh: 1730mm.

Top 3 Benefits of Having Automatic Sanitiser Dispensers in Your Workplace:

Address workplace hygiene by using automatic hand sanitiser dispensers in the workplace. The top 3 benefits include:

1. Good Health Practices Lead to Improved Productivity:

Hands-free hand sanitiser dispensers can help a business to eliminate germs which will reduce workplace illnesses. Your employees will stay healthier and will require fewer sick days.

2. Show Your Customers That You Care:

Using a hands-free hand sanitiser dispenser in your business shows your customers and employees that you take their health into consideration especially during the pandemic. This will intern give both employees & customers a positive impression.

3. Economical:

Automatic hand sanitation dispensers deliver a standardised dose of hand sanitiser each time, eliminating wastage and cutting costs.

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